Learning & Growing Cluster


   Angela Thomas

Sunday School Superintendents

   Lower Grades (4yo-Gr 2)

       Angela Thomas

   Upper Grades (Gr 3-6)

      Jamie Thomas-West


    Pastor Brad Brown


Vacation Bible School

    Angela Thomas



Students receive First Communion in fifth grade at North Cape Lutheran Church on Maundy Thursday during worship.  Prior to taking their First Communion, fifth graders and their parents participate in classes, a retreat, and bake bread used during the service.   The First Communion service on Maundy Thursday involves a special time for foot washing where each communicant receives a personalized towel and families join their communicant at the altar for communion.

Congratulations to our 2021 First Communion students who receive their First Communion on April 1st:  Harrison, Madelynn, Addison, Cooper, Jocelynn, Ruby, Miranda.  

Currently the nursery downstairs is not staffed, but there is a cry room at the back of the sanctuary for families who would like to use that space during worship with their children.  


Confirmation begins in 7th grade and ends in 10th grade at North Cape Lutheran Church.    Confirmation Classes for Grades 8 & 9 will meet on Sept. 9-Nov. 11 on Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:45pm throughout the fall.   To learn more about the requirements and expectations for each grade level, check out our Education Handbook.   10th grade Confirmation Sunday was held on October 18, 2020 at the 9:30am service. Congratulations to our confirmands - Karlie, Kiley and Abby!



June 20-26, 2021

Franksville, WI

North Cape Lutheran Church

2644 -- 124th Street

Franksville, WI  53126

Phone:  262.835.2206

Fax:      262.835.9090

Email:   northcapelutheran@gmail.com


Welcome to Virtual Sunday School!  Each week we will post a short lesson and craft with Angela.  Sunday School kits for the next couple months are now ready for pick up outside the church entry.   

If you would like to participate in Sunday School this year, please complete the registration form linked below.   Registration Form

Every summer our high school youth participate in a Mission Trip.  In February 2021 we regretfully canceled our trip to Gilbert, SC after much thought and concern for the health and safety of our participants.  Instead we are excited to focus our work on local mission outreach like we did in the summer of 2020.  We are proud to have so many youth and adults joining together to use their skills and talents to help our neighbors from June 20-26, 2021!  

April 18, 2021 Virtual Sunday School 

North Cape Lutheran Church, ELCA

2644 --124th Street, Franksville, WI  53126                 262.835.2206                 northcapelutheran@gmail.com